I am publishing this page to allow my colleagues to compare their salaries with me. Therefore, I hereby consent to any and all processing (etc.) of this data by those working at GDS or Metaswitch.1

Government Digital Service (2019-present)

My salary is currently £56 000. If you include the equivalent value of the civil service pension, this becomes ~£67 000.

I was hired as a Developer, for which the advertised range was £48 000 to £56 000. That was for band ‘A.London’.

Metaswitch (2015-8)

Metaswitch views salary information as confidential. However, I think I can safely say that my final salary was less than my starting salary at GDS.

The Metaswitch starting salary for graduate hires was £32 000 when I joined, and is now £35 000.

  1. feel free to contact me if you don’t fulfil that criterion, but want to use this information [return]